Golf Consumer 1-Sensor System - Gen1

  • $225.00


The 1-sensor system is the entry level kit for all levels of player. Using the 4D Motion app on a mobile device, you can perform biofeedback training drills to improve the bends, turns and tilts of the hips and chest which is the real engine room of any good golf swing. You can even attach the sensor to your club and learn how to position this exactly as you or your swing instructor wants you to! Generic mode allows you to attach the sensor wherever you like and set yourself biofeedback targets. If it moves, you can improve it!

Compatible Bluetooth 4.1 phone/tablet required. Operating system iOS 10 and above


  • 1 first generation sensor
  • 1 charging station
  • 1 XL strap
  • 2 clip mounts (for the glove, belt and/or cap)
  • 1 club mount
  • Drawstring carry bag

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